Cardio-pulmonary reflex control
– an intriguing territory where physiology meets cardiology
International conference
May 14-15, 2019 | Wroclaw

Rapid progress in human physiology creates fascinating perspectives for therapy and prevention of cardiac disorders. Cardiology development raises new questions about mechanisms governing the circulatory system. Integration of these fields is a main goal of the conference “Cardio-pulmonary reflex control”, which will take place in Wrocław at 14th and 15th of May 2019.

The international conference “Cardio-pulmonary reflex control”, organized by Physiology Department of Wrocław Medical University and CasusBTL Group, is a great opportunity to discuss physiology and cardiology innovations in the interdisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians, engineers and healthcare professionals, with the attendance of outstanding experts in exercise physiology, sympathetic microneurography and the peripheral chemoreceptors activity.

Moreover, doctors and researchers beginning (or planning to begin) the study on human cardio-pulmonary reflex control are welcome to attend workshops dedicated to the laboratory equipment and setup, as well as methods of cardiopulmonary reflexes evaluation.

We look forward to seeing you in Wrocław!

Professor Beata Ponikowska

Head of the Department of Physiology, Wrocław Medical University


Organizing committee:

Bartłomiej Paleczny

Rafał Seredyński

Dorota Adamiec

Wojciech Woźniak

Anna Tumińska

Adrian Lis

Adrian Szulczyński


14th May 2019

WORKSHOPS 12.00-16.30

Chairs: B. Paleczny (PL), R. Seredyński (PL)

Workshops venue: UMW, Chałubińskiego 10, Wrocław


Workshop 1
Setting up a cardiopulmonary reflexes research laboratory


An overview of the equipment (hardware) used in the studies on cardiopulmonary autonomic reflexes in humans


An overview of the software packages for data acquisition, processing and analysis


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis – theoretical background and computational methods. Work with data samples


Evaluation of spontaneous beat-to-beat cardiac baroreflex sensitivity (cBRS) with the sequence method – comparison of free vs paid software packages. Work with data samples




Workshop 2
Trip to the periphery: evaluation of peripheral chemoreflex sensitivity


Demonstration of the transient (acute) hypoxia test for the assessment of peripheral chemoreflex sensitivity in humans. Advantages and limitations of the transient hypoxia test


An overview of the methods for peripheral chemoreflex sensitivity assessment in humans


The controlled-breathing approach – a simple way to construct breathing circuit allowing the subject to control his/her tidal volume and breathing frequency according to visual or auditory cues




Workshop 3
Hearing the nerve: Introduction to sympathetic microneurography


An overview of the sympathetic microneurography technique – theoretical background and methodology


Demonstration of the sympathetic microneurography technique – performing the measurement of muscle sympathetic nerve activity in healthy volunteer at rest and data analysis


The use of high-frequency ultrasonography in microneurography


Venue: Ibis Styles, plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, Wrocław - Conference room B


Opening Ceremony

Honorary Lectures

 M. Piepoli (IT)
Chief of the Heart Failure Unit, Cardiology Department – Guglielmo da Saliceto Polichirurgico Hospital | Chair of the Clinical Science Section of the Heart Failure                                 Association | Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology


M. Mehra (US)
he William Harvey Distinguished Chair in Advanced Cardiovascular Medicine | Executive Director, Center for Advanced Heart Disease | Professor of Medicine,                                Harvard Medical School, Boston


Poster session, Networking reception


15th May 2019


Venue: Ibis Styles, plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, Wrocław - Conference room A


Session 1

Methods for studying cardiopulmonary reflex control: recent advances and future perspectives

Chairs: M. Piepoli (IT), B. Ponikowska (PL), P. Winklewski (PL)


Cardiopulmonary reflex control – physiology background

B. Paleczny (PL)


Sympathetic microneurography: application for research and clinical practice

J. Lewandowski, M. Siński (PL)


Evaluation of sympathetic/parasympathetic balance: heart rate variability? baroreflex sensitivity? anything else?

M. Emdin (IT)


Assessment of reflex response from chemoreceptors in humans

S. Tubek (PL)


Reflexes from the peripheral muscle

M. Piepoli (IT)




Coffee break


Session 2

Cardiopulmonary reflex control: target for intervention in cardiovascular disorders

Chairs: K. Narkiewicz (PL), M. Emdin (IT)


Baroreflex Activation Therapy

K. Narkiewicz (PL)


Activation of vagal reflexes

R. Seredyński (PL)


Ablation of peripheral chemoreceptors

P. Niewinski (PL)


Drug modulation of central chemoreceptors

A. Giannoni (IT)


Splanchnic nerve ablation

P. Ponikowski (PL)




Lunch break


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